CV. Antartika (Unit Ice)

CV. Antartika (Unit Ice) is one of the tube ice companies which is the largest company in Bali with the fulfillment of market needs in the Bali region. Many restaurants have switched from using ice blocks, to using ice tubes because more hygienic, clearer, and already neatly printed, and more practical without breaking.

CV. Antartika was established in 1997, and began operations in 1998 to supply and serve customers. With a motto of commitment to "PROVIDE THE BEST SERVICE AND PRODUCT QUALITY", from year to year it has increased to reach 25 fleets in 2017, from 1 fleet in 1997.



Recognized as an ice company nationally and internationally that is growing, superior and trusted to all consumers by providing maximum service.



  • Oriented to customer satisfaction
  • Commit to quality and quantity of Unit Ice products, healthy and refreshing
  • Conduct business activities that are environmentally sound.

CV. Antartika Legality

BPPOM Certificate

Halal Certificate

Brand Certificate

CV. Antarctika belongs to the category of companies that produce food that has received a certificate from National Agency of Drug and Food Control (NA-DFC), and has a halal certificate from the Indonesian Ulema Council (IUC). Thus, the ice tubes produced are guaranteed to meet food safety standards, high quality and meet other standardized requirements.
CV Antartika, having its address at jl. Pidada V no.9 Ubung West Denpasar.

Phone (0361) 426664, (0361) 430919.

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